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"travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness."


21 days till departure

hello and welcome to lindsey and andrew's travel blog. we created this so you (our beloved friends and family) can keep up with our travels. in 21 days we will be leaving for a trip around the world. we will attempt to blog as much as possible (and as often as we have internet) so you can see where we have been! the final dates were confirmed today so i thought it appropriate to post them here. here are the dates and destinations:

Dallas to Honolulu - March 16

Honolulu to Hong Kong - March 19 (arrive Hong Kong March 20th)

Hong Kong to Delhi - March 29

Delhi to Istanbul - April 19

Istanbul to Paris - April 23

Paris to London - April 28

London to New York - May 12

New York to Dallas - May 16

we hope you will keep up with us via the blog and we are so glad technology has provided us the means to share it with you. we love you guys and appreciate your interest and support. can't wait to show you more!

let the countdown begin.............

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