mark twain says:

"travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness."


mexican food india style

after a lot of shopping, we went back to the apartment and decided to cook dinner. i got to see where sarah buys her produce- which was awesome- and we got lots of tomatoes, peppers, beans, and onions. it was mexican food night in new delhi. sarah called up the other peeps from the office and we all gathered for some paneer fajitas! they turned out amazing. everyone pitched in at an attempt at corn tortillas too! they fell apart slightly but its the thought that counts- i loved it. and it was so nice to meet all of sarah's friends. here is andrew preparing his famous salsa. of course he prepared two versions- an edible one and a spicy one.

this is kai and saurabh- both coworkers of sarah. kai lives in the apartment with her and saurabh has just finished in delhi and is moving to london for school! they are both a great time.
senior pepito! we managed to find some tortilla chips and they were perfect for the almost mexican dinner. it still shocks me how sarah can take seemingly random foods, mix them up and make delicousness appear. i do so love these two gills.
we have had quite a bit of trouble finding internet over here. tomorrow morning (night for you american friends) we will be flying to darjeeling. i am beyond excited after just seeing the photos of where we will be staying. i also am assuming there will be some wifi we can snatch up and i can show you guys some more photos. its taking like 30 minutes for just three to load here. but until then- lots of love to the u-s-of-a and we miss all you guys. i'll holla at yall from darjeeling!


home is wherever i'm with you

we finally made it to india!! the flight was not long at all, but we were anxious all the way. after an hour on the bangkok airport's runway we were on our way to delhi. i finally got to catch up on the episodes of "life" i had been missing out on (knowing that the sequel to the planet earth series is playing once a week and i'm missing all of it has been really difficult). for the record, they are amazing.
anywho, we landed- disembarked- and found sarah!! she had been waiting for a while because the headwinds slowed our plane down. it was so surreal to step off a plane in india and see our favorite redhead! she had a car waiting for us and after some serious indian traffic we were home at last. sarah's place definitely has her touch. the splash of color on the occasional painted wall makes it so homey. right away we had a beverage and sarah made a lovely fruit salad. here she is- chopping.
needless to say, we were pretty tired. here's sleepy andrew.
and here is the beautiful bowl of fresh fruit sarah prepared. it was so nice to sit down with her and chat.
here's the living room complete with fresh flowers that sarah got from the flower market. so cute!
we finally plopped down and slept for a really long time! three deep too.
here are the keys to sarah's place.
today we woke up and went out for a breakfast/lunch and a shop. sarah's place is back there behind us.
here we are on our way to breakfast. i really enjoy watching the amazing amount of traffic.
all of these cars say "keep distance." this is ironic because no one keeps any distance from anything. lanes don't really apply to the driving here and it feels a bit like a ride. we also got quite a few stares and possibly some laughs.
now we sit at choko la having some tea and coffee and tons of food. breakfast quickly became lunch and this salad was not only unbelievably delicious, but also very pretty. sarah says everett will be jealous. we have been sitting in this little cafe for like two hours now. we plan to go out and do things, but for now we are just soaking up being with sarah again.
can't wait to show you guys more of india! we have quite a while, so hopefully i will have lots of photos to share. first impression- love it love it love it!


saying goodbye with fireworks

hong kong has been so fun for andrew and i. we saw so many beautiful sights and met so many wonderful people. and it would not have been nearly so wonderful if the gills hadn't given us there home for the week! we got to close our trip at the hong kong rugby sevens. it truly is a fabulous party. we got there at 7am and sat down with the gills to watch the sun come up over the stadium. the view out both ends of the stadium is incredible- beautiful buildings and hills covered in trees. because we got there so early we got the best seats in the house (thats why people go early).
andrew had planned on wearing his cut offs to this event, but in a last minute audible they got locked into the dryer. (read as british:) mental!
this end of the stadium is called the south stands. this is where all the serious party animals go. the idea is that everyone dresses up in crazy costumes and drinks until they can drink no more. chris has been telling me horror stories all week about the south stand. he says the bathrooms are few and very disgusting (for obvious reasons) and its difficult to get in and out of your seat without losing it. because of this problem being compounded by the amount of beer being consumed, it is a common practice to pee on the ground. when they were all hungover in bed (when we got there) we took a walk through that side. all i smelled was pee and vomit. at this point i made the decision to sit with rob and gayle on the west side (the equivalent to our 50 yard line). it was amazing though because we could see all the games and i am now a big fan of rugby sevens.
america was shockingly bad at the game though. andrew and i kept promising our friends in nearby seats that we do have great athletes in the states, but you wouldn't know it based on what we were watching. they also don't understand the pace of american football. they think its slow and boring. we tried to say that the strategy of the game makes the slowness fun, but everyone had their doubts. i will always love american football and have been waiting since the superbowl for next season, but rugby is a really great game too.
heres me and my love posing for a photo during halftime (not what you call it) where there is a big band and parade of young ruby players. it leads up to all the championship games.
at the stadium they serve alcohol in either a cup or a "jug." this one was a jug of vodka red bull. good times all around.
andrew wore his super reflective shades and here i am in the reflection!
we switched. i look pretty awesome in these shades. andrew looks pretty awesome in those short shorts.
i wanted to explain the food at the event. loooooots of kfc. andrew described it as gross, but i ate chris' leftovers anyway. everyone that sat with us brought their own food- which was fantastic.

heres andrews exit. the shorts forced a really funny hop over the railing so as to not show off to much to the stands.
this was during the england game (obviously). it was a really really good game that was tied until the last second. the lady on the left put this shirt on just before the england game and someone from up above yelled "what team are you supporting?" it was funny. england beat australia in the end, causing a young australian boy to cry. after that, they played samoa and lost. (samoa also knocked usa out of the finals)
there is usually a streaker at some point, but we weren't fortunate to catch one. however, this fellow was dressed as a lion and he made a good sprint across the field. he ran for a while and juked a couple of cops. finally he got to the ball- tossed it up in the air- and then kept running.
here he is just outrunning the security. he actually jumped up on the post at one end and did a dance. finally he gave up and just collapsed onto the grass.
this guy was dressed as a woman i think. he did some poses for the roaring crowd.
not such a fast runner though. they all caught him at once and carried him away.
super cool.
this is the final score of the final game! samoa defeated new zealand in a fantastic game. it made us feel less bad about usa getting destroyed by them.
they shot fireworks off the edge of the roof at the end of the ceremony and it was so pretty!
heres the winning samoans with the band behind them. there were bagpipes and everything. the best part was- they played "we are the champions."
afterwards we went to the irc (indian recreation club) for dinner. they served us the best indian food ever and we had one last meal and drink with family and friends. here we are again with chris- you can see his costume here. he was superman and all his friends were other super heros. not sure how he is still standing at this point.
the tickets were really difficult for rob to get and we can't thank him enough! it was a perfect ending to a perfect visit to hong kong! thank you again to the gills for being such wonderful hosts! i hope we can come back someday!


up to the peak, out to dinner, and another night out

i'm back! sorry for the delay. i am going to be the first here to admit that i have no ability to keep up with the nightlife here. once again we went out and i was stuck in bed for the entire next day. i think that kind of says a lot doesn't it? anyway, yesterday began the first day of rugby sevens. everyone has been going crazy over it and swearing that andrew and i have never seen anything like it. i'm wondering if i want to see anything like it now. chris began drinking friday morning at about 11am. he kept it up all day and went out to the sevens at night. then he and his friends went out to bars. at about 6am he burst into our room- flipping the overhead lights on- and said "how do you like my costume?" once my eyes adjusted to the lights i realized he was wearing a superman costume. he had just gotten home (but only to change) and he was headed back out. he claims that if he stops drinking, a hangover will set in so he has to keep it up till monday morning. i was so confused on so many levels.
but lets get back to where i left off! andrew and i spent thursday going to the peak. everyone said we had to go there because the view is the best. andrew and i set out for the peak at about noon. we guided ourselves there quite well! i even busted out the map to prove it.
on our way we passed the church that andrew's dad used to sing at when he lived here. we got a photo so you guys could see.
well we made it to the peak tram. this is a tram that takes you up the incredibly steep hillside. we bought our tickets to ride it (only 36 hk) and went to wait in line. now, i'm sure i have said this before, but the chinese people here react really strangely to lines. they all stand around the entrance in a huddle (not a line) and then when it is time to go through, they shuffle their feet and all start pressing forward at once. i was standing just by the door and ended up being the last person on. no one says "oh go ahead." they just put their heads down and go. anyway, it was weird. andrew and i sat a few rows apart due to our lack of line aggression. i ended up sitting down next to a hilarious and very tall black man that also found the line situation funny. he was my lead blocker on the way onto the train and made room for me. on our way up he told me that he is actually from kileen texas and his daughter just graduated from ut! what are the odds..
once atop the peak we were blown away by the view. it was cloudy but the smog was significantly less than the previous few days. you can pretty much see everything from up here.
there are actually far more buildings than you can even see. photos don't do it justice. its pretty incredible.
there were quite a few asian tour groups walking around and andrew kept saying "take foto wif famry!" this was the best we could do.
we stopped in at cafe deco for lunch. before we ordered anything andrew went and found tabasco.
having been craving one for 3 days, andrew got himself a bloody mary. i think they are yuck but he loves em.
he then ordered a burger just for a little reminder of home.
i got some grilled prawns that were enormous!! but they were also delicious.
here's me looking outside. it was such a perfect place to have lunch.
before we went home andrew showed me a building that used to be a restaurant. it is the place that they had all gone to for lunch when they were in hong kong 10 years ago. andrew's mom is severely allergic to peanuts and accidentally got a bite of one. basically it was really bad and they ended up in the hospital. its a classic gill story, and this is where it took place. now nan travels with an epipen.
we got home and andrew took a shower. everyone got a kick out of him wearing a towel on his head and gayle actually took a photo. so i did the same to show you guys. andrew has gotten a lot of laughs since we got here for his long hair and skinny jeans. chris said if he would shave, we could get him free drinks on ladies night.
the gills took us out for mongolian food that night for dinner. it was so good! i've always been a fan of these places- the ones where you fill up your bowl with the stuff you like and then send it off to be cooked. andrew ate more food than i thought possible. while filling his bowl, he even made a fist and compacted everything down to make room for more food.
this was the first time i could get anyone to pose for a photo. thus far everyone has carefully dodged the camera. so here is chris and his mom.
this is andrew's aunt and uncle, rob and gayle. they have been beyond sweet to us and made this trip so so so much fun.
heres andrew and i at the mongolian place. it was a really fun dinner.
here is andrew and his two cousins chris and jeremy.
and here's the whole family plus andrew!
after dinner andrew and i and the boys went out to a bar called carousel. the guy that owns it is so cool. he is from nepal and has made our nights all the more fun.
here's andrew and jeremy. he introduced us to some of his friends that night and it was great.
not sure why this happened, but it is funny.
before we knew it, the night was much much too late for lindsey to be out. on our way home, chris and i posed next to a shoes repair sign. looking back i have absolutely no idea why, but there it is.
good times all around. we ended up back home at about 4am. and like i said before, it took me about 24 hours to recover.
now were just hanging out while everyone is at sevens. i'm currently catching up on my world news. earth hour is on saturday! don't forget to turn out your lights! i've also been watching the insane reaction to the healthcare bill. i'm glad i'm not there to watch people pee their pants over this thing. its so interesting to see american news from different perspectives. were still loving our travels and are getting oh so excited to see sarah on monday! i'll try to blog for you before we ship off to india. until then- hope all is well back home! heather- give toby some love from me!

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