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"travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness."


home is wherever i'm with you

we finally made it to india!! the flight was not long at all, but we were anxious all the way. after an hour on the bangkok airport's runway we were on our way to delhi. i finally got to catch up on the episodes of "life" i had been missing out on (knowing that the sequel to the planet earth series is playing once a week and i'm missing all of it has been really difficult). for the record, they are amazing.
anywho, we landed- disembarked- and found sarah!! she had been waiting for a while because the headwinds slowed our plane down. it was so surreal to step off a plane in india and see our favorite redhead! she had a car waiting for us and after some serious indian traffic we were home at last. sarah's place definitely has her touch. the splash of color on the occasional painted wall makes it so homey. right away we had a beverage and sarah made a lovely fruit salad. here she is- chopping.
needless to say, we were pretty tired. here's sleepy andrew.
and here is the beautiful bowl of fresh fruit sarah prepared. it was so nice to sit down with her and chat.
here's the living room complete with fresh flowers that sarah got from the flower market. so cute!
we finally plopped down and slept for a really long time! three deep too.
here are the keys to sarah's place.
today we woke up and went out for a breakfast/lunch and a shop. sarah's place is back there behind us.
here we are on our way to breakfast. i really enjoy watching the amazing amount of traffic.
all of these cars say "keep distance." this is ironic because no one keeps any distance from anything. lanes don't really apply to the driving here and it feels a bit like a ride. we also got quite a few stares and possibly some laughs.
now we sit at choko la having some tea and coffee and tons of food. breakfast quickly became lunch and this salad was not only unbelievably delicious, but also very pretty. sarah says everett will be jealous. we have been sitting in this little cafe for like two hours now. we plan to go out and do things, but for now we are just soaking up being with sarah again.
can't wait to show you guys more of india! we have quite a while, so hopefully i will have lots of photos to share. first impression- love it love it love it!


  1. Yay! INDIA!!! Give Sarah a HUUUUUGE hug from me!! :) Love, Miss Cox

  2. PS- be careful in those tuktuks- you should know this from your Kenya adventures, Lindsey. :)


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