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the party doubles

on sunday, patrick and shannon arrived from maui!

we greeted them at the airport and upgraded to a suv...
this was necessary- because both andrew and patrick were now proud owners of new surf boards.
we drove down to richardson's ocean beach park (one of our favorite old hangouts)
where patrick had booked us a two night house!
we unpacked eagerly.
 and, of course, removed our slippers...

the view was directly overlooking richardson's!
we were giddy (despite the overcast day).
the house there on the left is one of the other rental houses available on the link above ("beaches").
 it was just the perfect size place, with a perfect little yard.
 purple flowers were dripping from the tree limbs.
 and this mossy gnome became our friend.
(old smokey)
 this little kitty was another member of the property.
 side note:
as soon as we picked up patrick and shannon, we drove them around little hilo.
we also took the opportunity to grocery shop for the evening.
we went to four stores in search of the little hawaiian chili peppers that andrew loves so much,
but, alas, there were none to be found- anywhere!
next we went on a drive around the neighborhoods- keeping our eyes peeled for some chilies growing in yards. andrew (known locally as "the fruit bandit") loves to snatch unwanted fruits and veggies from yards.
and still we found none.
suddenly- we happened across a house with mountainous pepper plants growing all around! a huge sign out front read "peppers, chilies, spicy nuts, chili water, hot hot hot!"
but then we saw the "closed" sign (it was sunday).
andrew could not be kept away from this opportunity with a mere six letter word.
he leapt from the car and knocked on the pepper farmer's door. a sleepy looking hawaiian in sweat pants answered the door. we watched from the car as they chatted and then disappeared into the house. minutes later, andrew emerged with tons of goodies and a huge grin. there was a bag of hawaiian chilies- three bags of spicy nuts- a small sack of dried hawaiian chili powder- and countless others!
it was chili pepper heaven.
back at the house, we got cozy and unpacked.
the men unpacked and admired their boards.
we snagged a bottle of this hawaiian vodka.
it's distilled with lava!
(clearly a gimmick that worked on us)
and plenty of fruit and veg:
i even snagged some of my favorite gluten free bread- buddha belly baker!
(pumpkin is the best)
we bought hawaiian grass-fed steaks, spare ribs, ahi, and mahi.
it was a feast.
the ladies popped a little vino,
and then we all headed down to richardson beach!
it was a tiny bit overcast- but still plenty warm.
the boys went for a snorkel and a boogie board.
then we hiked the lava hills.
the waves were crashing and the cloudy skies brought out the best blues.
yay for hawaii party!

we spotted a few honu.
rockin' the "locals."

we've been missing you, richardson's beach.
that night we feasted on ahi nachos (that may have been a little over wasabi-ed), ribs, steak, mahi, veggies- bah! so good!
and the little house we were at was out of black pepper, so the boys substituted the dried chili pepper. it was the spiciest dinner of my life.
andrew was in heaven.
and so concludes part two of our hawaiian adventure.
come back soon for more stories!


  1. the fruit bandit strikes again!

  2. i love it all. I can just see andrew walking out with that huge grin and then y'all eating the spiciest dinner imaginable! bahahhah! i love it! and i love the horses and the pretty flowers. love.

  3. Oh my! I've been missing out on these posts. I LOVE the white cat picture! Too freakin cute.


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