mark twain says:

"travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness."


riding through the waipi'o valley

the next day we drove up to waipi'o to do the valley horseback ride.
if you ever have the desire to see waipi'o valley, the 
horseback tour is the best way to go about it.

the valley is huge...
the only way down into it is in a tough four wheel drive.
for the tour, we meet at a designated meeting place above the valley, then board a van and ride down together. the driver asks that you leave the sliding door open and do not put on seat belts. this is because, if the breaks fail- your best chance is to hurl your body from the vehicle. fun!
but once you get down in the valley, it is completely peaceful.
there are only about 50 residents of this valley,
and they are all friends.
they live off the land and many are taro farmers.
finally down at the stables, we sign our waivers (yes- after the life threatening van ride), and are given horses that suite your height, weight, and personality.
example: i was given a sturdy horse with a friendly personality.
the owners of the stable have a bunch of little doggies that love to tag along on the tours.
andrew was given a massive horse with a very opinionated personality.
i was nervous, but have gotten much better about facing my horse fears.
we had a mutual understanding that neither of us wanted to be doing this,
so we just needed to get along and get it over with.
and onward we marched!
here is a little family home.
that is our guide (who's name i can't spell).
he is literally the most genuinely happy and friendly person i've ever met.
he also learns every single persons name within the first ten minutes, and remembers them until your final alohas!
he plucked flowers for all the ladies.
wearing a flower behind the left ear means the girl is taken, the right ear implies availability.
oddly, my left ear seems to stick farther away from my face than my right and flowers resist sitting behind it... a sign perhaps?
here is andrew and his horse stopping for a sip.
note the weird helmet wearers behind him..
the trail winds all around the valley,
and beneath tree canopies.
the colors are so vibrant.
and this particular day was really sunny!
rolling hills and green grass!
hey patrick and shannon!
our guide snagged some guava fruit and let everyone sample it.
it tastes like heaven!
towards the end they line everyone up in their groups and take pictures.
here's our whole group!
and just me and ange.
i know, i know- "cool shoes, lins!" (you have to wear close toed shoes..)
the guide gave his horse a flower. apparently she has a horse fellow.
the home stretch takes you through some fairly deep water.
and then back home to the stables.
the little doggies kept up the whole trip!
what a fantastic experience!
na'alapa- you have yet to disappoint us!
thank you for a fantastic day!

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  1. Loved the horse ride! Shoulda brought our boards down there


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