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"travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness."


surfing and saying goodbye

after driving back up the vertical road,
and bidding our horse guide our warmest alohas,
we headed back to the little house to grab the boys surf boards.
a lazy streak struck them, and they decided the girls wouldn't mind cuddling up with the boards for a short drive...
 on the way, we swung by buck's house to scoop him and his board.
 and soon we arrived at honoli'i surf park.
 the boys were eager to test out their new boards.
 they got 'em all waxed up!
 buck set off into the icy water,
 with patrick and andrew close behind.
after an exhausting hour or so among the waves, andrew was tired and so happy.
the board was a complete success.
 after a quick rest- he was back in the water.
 but i have zero surfing photos to show you.
me and shannie sat and watched,
after a long day in the sun, it was time to come home and have some beers.
we kicked off the slippers,
and cracked open some bottles.
 we knew we would be leaving hilo the next day,
and we were so very happy to have gotten to spend so much of our trip with buck.
we got some group shots to take home with us.
he was one of the only people that truly embraced us when we moved to hawaii.
we explored the island together, he and andrew learned to surf together,
and we cooked a zillion meals together.
 shaka brah!!
we love you, mr. buck.
 and so the sun set on our last day in little hilo.
a hui hou kakou!
(until we meet again)

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  1. i oughta learn how to surf.
    then again, sharks.
    (glad you had a wonderful trip, love!)


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