mark twain says:

"travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness."


the south point jump and green sands

apologies for the delay-
i'm back
and can't wait to tell you about our adventures to south point!

we woke up early and began the day with a breakfast at ken's!
andrew and i got our favorite:
mahi moco
 it is steamed rice, with grilled mahi mahi and a poached egg on top.
normally it also comes smothered in gravy, but we usually order it on the side.
so yum!

patrick and shannon were impressed by the length of ken's menu.
(there are at least 100 items on it)
after breakfast, we loaded up the car and headed south!

the big island's south point
is the most southern tip of the united states.

you can stand on the edge of our country and gaze off into the pacific.

the water is the most stunning blue
and it crashes against the rocky cliffs.

there is one spot where people jump from.
it's a really long fall,
and the only way back up is a rickety ladder covered in salt and rust.

the girls weren't brave enough, but the boys were up for the challenge.
i couldn't decide which photo would represent the jump best,
so i compiled them all!

the jump was exciting.
i was just relieved the boys survived.
afterwards we walked around and explored the beach.
 the colors are so vibrant
after a failed attempt to drive our suv to green sands
(the suv with four-wheel drive that we specifically rented for this occasion),
we flagged down a local that had offered to drive us.
apparently you need to have a bit more space between the ground
 and the bottom of your truck, because his car didn't seem to have a problem.
i think it also helps if you're hawaiian...
we loaded up in the back with another family,
and traveled onward- eight deep in the little red toyota.
 the guy that drove us was unbelievably nice.
it was quite a ride!
then we arrived at green sands...
it is aaaaaamazing
 we climbed down to the water and
went for a swim in the waves!
 it was a little crazy...
 again- the colors!
the green sand is olivine (peridot).
once we were totally exhausted from battling waves, we climbed back into the red pickup.
 clouds had started rolling in.
 andrews pockets were full of sand.
after such a long day,
and so many adventures,
we were excited to get to our home for the night.
it was in a little town called milolii.
getting to the house is somewhat of an adventure in itself.
it also isn't terribly close to anything.
we drove an hour to a pizza place in the closest town!

but the place was beautiful,
the view was beautiful,
and the beds were cozy.
we said goodnight to milolii
and rested up for the final leg of our journey!

i'll be back soon to tell you about the rest...

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